ILAC General English Program

General English

The General English as a Second Language curriculum follows Cambridge examination methodology. All students in Beginner and Intermediate levels take General English before taking more advanced courses. General English is for Levels 1 - 11.

  • Students who take this course receive a Certificate of English fluency based on their final level completed and length of study
  • Students gain the English writing and speaking skills necessary for everyday social situations
  • Students develop speaking, listening, reading and writing skills as well as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and idioms


General English Program Details


  • Each level of General English is 4 weeks long
  • Students may study for as many levels as required
  • The minimum course length is 2 weeks


  • Intensive English Program (30 lessons/week)
  • Power English Program (38 lessons/week)


  • Students take a written and oral placement test on the first day to determine their English Level
  • Students tested at Beginner or Intermediate Levels (Levels 1-9) will be placed in General English
  • Students tested at Advanced Level (Level 10) and higher can choose a program focus or continue in General English

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