VGC TOEFL Preparation Program

TOEFL Preparation



When Your Test Results Really Matter

Our TOEFL Preparation goes beyond reviewing sample test questions and gives you personalized advice based on your needs so that you can achieve your target score. At VGC you will not only use the test as a tool to achieve that score, but you will build the academic language and skills for your success in business and university.

Bi-weekly practice tests are given to make you comfortable with the test. Then our experienced TOEFL teachers mark your test and give you personalized feedback. We have designed this course so you will feel confident that you are ready to achieve your desired score.



By the end of the TOEFL Preparation program you will:

  • Have improved your speaking and writing through personalised feedback.
  • Have encountered our customised materials and curriculum, based on your individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have received the academic skills and knowledge that will best prepare you for the challenges of business or university.


The VGC Difference

  • During your practice tests, you will have access to a computer lab to simulate real iBT test conditions.
  • A highly experienced TOEFL teacher with extensive knowledge of the test and the English language.
  • Individualized feedback to help you succeed.
  • Students have a dedicated TOEFL lab.



About-QuoteWe practice everything from reading, writing, listening, and speaking so we can develop all of our English skills. Once every 2 weeks, we take a mock TOEFL test and we get a lot of feedback to helps us improve our test scores.”



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