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Macroscopic Future Perspective & Ethical Value Pursuit | 거시적 미래관점 & 올바른 가치추구

With a macroscopic view of the future and a commitment to proper values, we seek to provide tailored programs that meet individual needs. Drawing on extensive experience and rich professional knowledge, we identify schools that align with each student's future goals. We offer programs such as language immersion, internships, and specialized courses to help students achieve their aspirations.

Needs 맞춤형으로 오랜 경험과 풍부한 전문적지식으로 각 학교들의 특성을 파악하여 개개인의 미래목표에 맞는 프로그램제공 학교를 찾아 어학연수, 인턴쉽, 스페셜 전문과정 등을 제공합니다.




Conversation-Focused ESL and Pathway Programs | 회화중심의 어학 및 Pathway 프로그램

Since each school offers a diverse range of ESL levels, nationalities, atmospheres, and specialized programs, we provide expert assistance to minimize errors and offer trial lessons to allow students to experience and decide on the best fit for them.

학교마다 Level별 ESL, 국적, 분위기, 전문프로그램 등이 각양각색 다양하기에 실수를 줄이기위한 전문가 도움과 필요시 트라이얼 수업을 통해 체험 후 결정할 수 있게 지원합니다.

Co-op Internship Program [Private college] | Co-op Internship 프로그램 [사립]

A program offering a 5:5 ratio of study to internship (Co-op work) opportunities, lasting from short-term 6 months to a maximum of 2 years. Students gain work experience in various professional fields such as Business, Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Early Childhood Education, International Trade, Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Flight Attendant, Interpretation, and more.

단기 6개월에서 최장 2년까지 5:5비율에 공부 + 인턴쉽[Co-op work]을 할 수 있는 과정으로 Business, Hotel, 조리, 보육교사, 국제무역, 간호, 치위생, 승무원, 통번역 등 다양한 전문 분야에서 근무 경험을 쌓는 과정

Public University ESL & Co-op Programs | 사립 | 공립대학 ESL & Co-op 프로그램 [공립]

These programs, offered by public universities, combine ESL (English as a Second Language) instruction with Co-op opportunities. Students can enhance their English proficiency while gaining practical work experience in various fields through Co-op placements.

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