Management Program

Management Program
관리형 프로그램

Grade 8 - 12

A comprehensive management program for a safe and successful study abroad experience in Canada, covering school support, school life, course registration, academic record management, after-school classes, university admissions, guardianship, mentoring, activities, and more.

학교지원, 학교생활, 수강신청, 내신관리, 방과후 수업, 대학입시, 가디언, 멘토링, 액티비티 등 안전하고 성공적인 캐나다 유학을 위한 종합 관리 프로그램.

Afterschool Program
방과 후 프로그램

After-school programs are designed to enhance English proficiency, assist with assignments, and provide structured learning opportunities in subjects such as math, science, biology, chemistry, physics, and AP courses. These programs aim to support early graduation from ESL programs and ensure the successful completion of key subjects following the end of regular school classes for the university preparation.

학교 수업이 끝난 후 방과 후 프로그램을 통해 학교 ESL 조기졸업 및 주요과목을 안정적으로 이수할 수 있도록 영어 기본기 향상, 과제도움, 수학, 과학, 코딩, AP 등의 Needs에 따른 학습 프로그램 운영


Systematic English classes focusing on academic English, including composition, grammar, vocabulary, and reading.

Academic English에 초점을 두고 작문, 문법, 어휘, 읽기 등 체계적인 영어수업 

Math & Science

Aligned with the British Columbia curriculum, covering current topics, pre-learning, school assignments, and exam preparation.

BC주 교육과정에 맞는 현행, 선행학습, 학교과제 및 시험 준비


Regular Friday or Saturday Activities:  Bowling, Skiing, Golf, Skating, Swimming, Hiking, University Tours, etc.

금요일 혹은 토요일 정기 액티비티: 볼링, 스키, 골프, 스케이트, 수영, 하이킹, 대학 탐방 등

Management Program
관리 프로그램

Admissions | Mentoring
입시 | 멘토링

Grade-specific academic record management and development of admission strategies | Counseling students for their desired universities | Mentoring through inner consultations on values, etc.

학년별 내신관리 및 입시전략수립 | 희망대학 재학생과의 미팅 | 가치관등 내면상담을 통한 멘토링 관리

Managed Guardianship (Custodianship)
관리형 가디언

Micro-care covers various aspects of student life throughout the study abroad experience, including health, school attendance, teachers meetings, school life, communication with parents, and handling emergency situations.

건강, 출석, 선생님미팅, 학교생활, 부모님과 소통, 긴급상황 대처 등 유학생활 전반에 걸친 마이크로케어


Discovering and assigning safe and comfortable homestays to enhance adaptation to Canadian life.

캐나다 생활에 적응도를 높여줄 안전하고 쾌적한 홈스테이를 발굴 및 배정

Early Study Abroad Procedure
조기유학 수속절차

Consultation > Preparation of Application Documents > Application Submission > Admission Review > Approval (Letter of Offer - LOO) > Payment of Tuition Fees > Admission Confirmation (Letter of Acceptance - LOA) > Application for Student Visa > Approval and Preparation for Departure

상담 > 지원서류준비 > 지원 > 입학심사 >
승인(LOO) > 학비납입 > 입학허가(LOA) >
학생비자 접수 > 승인 및 출국준비

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