Admission to Canadian universities for the fall semester (September) typically begins with applications opening in December and closing in January. Admission decisions are usually released between April and June.

1) Desired university and program of study.

2) Students currently attending or graduating from high school.

3) Admission preparation and application methods may vary depending on the country of graduation or expected graduation. Therefore, strategic planning for admissions should begin as early as grades 9-10, requiring a well-organized plan.

For this reason, it’s crucial to manage major subjects, academic records, and admission processes with the assistance of experienced professionals. Fine Education, we provide consulting services led by experts with over 15 years of experience.


캐나다 대학 신학기 입학 (9월)
12월 원서접수를 시작하며 1월 중 마감.  4-6월 사이 입학 결과 발표

1) 희망대학 및 학과 2) 고등학교를 재학중이거나 졸업한 학생 3) 졸업 또는 졸업예정인 국가 등에 따라  입시준비, 지원방법 등에 차이가 있기에 입시전략 수립은 9 -10학년부터 체계적인 플랜이 요구 됩니다. 이를위해 주요과목 내신 및 입시관리는 경험많은 전문가와 함께 해야합니다.  Fine Education에서는 15년 이상의 노하우를 지닌 전문가 컨설팅을 제공합니다. 

University Transfer 편입학

University transfer refers to the process of transferring from a 2-year college to a university, either upon completion of an associate degree or while still enrolled, by transferring credits to the desired university. In North America, university transfer is based on credit transfer rather than specific academic years, making management of GPA, analysis of eligible universities and programs for application, and credit management crucial. 

2년제 대학 졸업 후 혹은 재학중에 Credit Transfer를 통해 최종 목적지의 대학으로 편입하는 과정. 북미 대학편입은 학년이 아닌 크레딧 인정제이기에 희망대학 지원에 필요한 학점 관리(GPA), 지원 가능한 대학 및 학과 분석이 매우 중요.  

[Examples, 예시]

– Private Alexander College → UBC, SFU

– Public Langara College, Douglas College → UBC

– SFU-affiliated institution FIC → SFU

사립 Alexander college → UBC, SFU

공립 Langara College, Douglas College → UBC

SFU부설대학FIC → SFU 등

Pathway College Admission
페스웨이 칼리지입학

Pathway college admission refers to the process of gaining admission to a university without submitting official English test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo, after completing an accredited pathway program at a language institution that has been designated as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and has collaborated or validated accredited pathway programs with universities. This process is available at over 20 language institutions in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Selecting a language institution with a proven track record of successful admissions is crucial.

DLI인준된 어학기관과 대학간 협의/검증된Accredited pathway프로그램을 이수-패스한 경우 IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo 등 공식 영어시험 점수 제출없이 해당 대학에 입학하는 과정.  밴쿠버 및 토론토등 20여개 어학기관에서 프로그램 제공. 높은 입학성공 사례를 갖춘 어학기관 선택이 중요.

[Example, 예시] 

ILAC, ILSC (pathway) → Langara, Douglas, Alexander   

VGC (pathway) → BCIT  

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